ActBlue 2022

ActBlue 2022

Increasing Usage of the Tandem Fundraising Tool

Increasing Usage of the Tandem Fundraising Tool


I implemented existing frameworks to expand functionality and discoverability of tandem fundraising, increasing likelihood of user sign-up

Tandem fundraising allows charities and campaigns to distribute donations they receive to other organizations.


Lead designer


4 months


Product and engineering managers, senior designer


Product audit report, high-fidelity mock-ups

Problem Statement

Organizations don't use tandem fundraising due to poor navigation and rigid functionality

User feedback indicates potential reasons for not using tandem fundraising as: confusing navigation and lack of flexibility when using the tool.

The challenge was fixing this without disrupting existing flows or causing user pushback to changes during election season.

Understanding User Feedback

Survey results indicated specific pain-points for current tandem fundraisers

At the end of every election season, campaigns are asked to participate in exit surveys. These surveys allow users to give free-form feedback about their user experience.

Analyzing this data in team workshops identified common themes of dissatisfaction with tandem fundraising.

Navigation is inconvenient

Users want to see more information and do more with the page

Users want to learn more about their tandem fundraising

Solution 1

Increasing flexibility and functionality with improved design system components

I replaced legacy designs with new design system components that offer additional exporting options, table data sorting ability, and improved visual accessibility.

Allow users to do more

Consistent branding and experience across product

Accessibility improvements

Solution 2

Integrating tandem fundraising into the core navigational experience

The final deliverables included an integrated tandem fundraising page and an empty state. This made tandem fundraising accessible and discoverable through dashboard navigation.

Reduced navigation from 3 steps to 1

Increased discoverability of tandem fundraising

Way Forward

An optimized page built with existing & ready to implement frameworks

I left ActBlue having provided engineers and designers with a set of progressive design changes to make in the future to avoid pushback. My designs are built upon existing frameworks that make them feasible and easy to implement.

Provided options to implement in the future

Integrated tandem fundraising into the user experience

Brought tandem fundraising up to design system standards

Although my time at ActBlue ended before I could see the true impact of these changes, I am confident that the work I did provided a way forward for the program success team to further update the dashboard.