Passion Project

Passion Project

TV Person: Social Media for the TV Lover

TV Person: Social Media for the TV Lover


TV Person is a passion project and social platform dedicated to television shows and their ability to foster connection. It's for the people who find themselves saying "I'm more of a TV person".

Research Question

In the steaming economy, how do people on the same page with popular culture and media?

TV is spread across so many different streaming platforms. How do you keep track of what you’ve seen and what you want to watch? What you didn’t like and what friends are watching?

Understanding the Audience

Interviewing members of active fanbases

I interviewed 5 self-identified TV superfans to determine how they interact with other fans. I built personas around their watching habits and how TV shows play a role in their social interactions.

Exploring Precedents and Opportunities

Looking to competitor and precedent social platforms as inspiration and source of design models

To better understand what unique purposes TV Person should serve, I delved into popular platforms frequented by dedicated movie and TV show fans.

Final Concept

Social media that fosters online connection through a shared love for television as an art

Media and popular culture are foundational to how we interact in a Covid-19 world. TV Person provides a platform to build a social circle around shared interests.

A platform dedicated to shared love for television

Long distance friendships made easy

Next steps moving forward

Moving forward, I would like to further distinguish the design system of TV Person to create a unique branding and characteristic.


Motion should have a personable, welcoming feel.


Focus on tasteful, timeless, and minimalist interactions.


Motion should be functional and improve usability.


Uphold accessibility as a main priority.